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BYTE GALLERY INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS feature works that are judged and selected by Transylvania University faculty for inclusion in the BYTE Gallery.  Professional artists, composers, and dramatists from around the world enter this competition.  These exhibits give Transylvania students an exclusive front row seat at the leading edge of international digital art and music scenes.

This exhibition, as part of the STUDIO 300 Festival, presents forty-five works submitted by professional composers and artists from across the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Ireland, Iran, Japan, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Poland, and the Ukraine.  These works were selected from a pool of several hundred entries.






Studio 300 Exhibition


En Su Vaivén by Nora Ponte & Yvette Nevares, Puerto Rico

En Su Vaivén is an electronic music-video art piece inspired by "Rockaby" by Samuel Beckett. It takes Beckett's text as starting point, transforming it in sound and image. Mimetic spaces of music and images are equally bare and equally marked by the spatial embedding of empty space. The inner repetition of minimal situations makes us to perceive complete loneliness. Active loneliness, awaiting repetition that only exists in remembrance. Repetition becomes ritornello. The ritornello is a prism, a Space-Time crystal that works on the surroundings, sound or light to extract from it varied vibrations, de-compositions, projections and transformations.

Winner of the Christoph Delz International Composition Competition (Switzerland) and the Municipal Prize of Composition of Buenos Aires, Nora Ponte’s works have been performed around the world. She received grants from the Italian Government and the Antorchas Foundation. She has been guest and participant at numerous festivals and conferences like Borealis Festival (Norway), New Music Festival (North Carolina), International Computer Music Conference, Art, New Music and Sound Experimentation Festival, Caribbean Composers Forum, Interamerican Festival for the Arts, Art Sound Festival (Puerto Rico). She is an Associate Professor and Director of the Electronic Music Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico.

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